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Specialising in workshopping and intensive studies into insight, strategy, communications and innovations

Welcome to Sharp & Taylored

Sharp & Taylored is a Thought Partnership

Born out of a working relationship that spans 25 years of qualitative research and planning experience, this partnership is able to offer something increasingly rare: really good, actionable research and strategic thinking, really quickly.

Whether it’s insight mining, pitch work, intensive co-creation or workshops, we are able to grasp the nub of your issues quickly and accurately and respond to them. We encourage you to work alongside us from the get go. We aim to understand the broader commercial and strategic issues surrounding the problem in hand, so that a complete picture of the challenge is exposed. This ultimately produces more useful and rounded results.

We manage and run bespoke research processes including creative development, concept crafting, consumer immersion, innovations and brand health projects in the UK and around the world.

We have huge experience in on- and off-line consumer and client connection.

We can complete face-to-face qualitative work in as little as 5 working days, due to our global recruiter and affiliates network, our panel of early-adopter consumers and our ability to analyse data and articulate the implications as we go.

And if it’s needed even more quickly, we have a series of online research offers which can take, from conception to completion, as little as 48 hours. We give you the chance to solve simple problems by talking to as few as 10 and as many as 1000 consumers.