Consult JMT

ConsultJMT works alongside businesses to help them reboot, develop and operate successfully and profitably

Welcome to ConsultJMT

ConsultJMT is a support consultancy and research resource, helping businesses and brands develop, grow and flourish. It also helps the people within these organisations to do the same.

The consultancy works with clients, not for them, and drives and supports many kinds of research and strategic processes; innovation development, insight mining, creative development, concept crafting, consumer immersion and many other business shaping activities.

We have experience in embedding change within organisations, whether that’s geography or culture. Judy runs master-classes on relationship management, re–shaping teams, establishing new practices, being braver, and many other aspects related to creating a sound and sassy working environment.

She works out of the UK and the US predominantly. Supporting her is a large team of research and planning affiliates, a financial director, a field manager, a PA and many loyal affiliates and friends who she has made through 25 years of being in the market research and planning business.

Judy can join teams for as little as a day or as long as a year to help ensure corporate health is established and maintained.

Some of what Judy believes about business success is here in a few sentences:-

Launching and growing great businesses and sustaining them over time

If you have raw talent, great integrity, ambition for success and a desire to do great work for and with others, all the ingredients of a successful business are there. Judy helps companies harness those elements to ensure sustainable and valuable business success.

Internal team building/maintenance, human growth potential and crisis management

Ensuring internal well-being is the key to external/commercial strength. Teams should be fed and fostered, taught to understand and embody the culture of the businesses they operate within and the brands that are born out of them.

Building long-term mutually beneficial relationships with people of all types, both domestically and globally

Relationships rather than connections are fostered when people are honest. People in businesses should be encouraged to develop the confidence to always be prepared to change their mind and speak it when they are sure what they have to say is valuable.

Managing brand health: Controlling large global research and strategy projects at all stages of a brand’s journey – birth, establishment, growth, innovation, re-birth

Brands need both nurturing and disciplining. When we build and grow brands, like we build and grow families, we have to be sure they make a contribution, are generous in the benefits they provide for others, have confidence in themselves, have the courage of their convictions, retain their integrity, speak up – and surprise and delight. They should give and receive love and respect, and protect those who are dear to them.