There are three brands featured on this website, and there’s a story behind each one.

I’m Judy Taylor and when I work as an independent consultant, it’s as ConsultJMT.


ConsultJMT is a business support consultancy and research resource, helping businesses and brands develop, grow and flourish. It also helps the people within these organisations to do the same. ConsultJMT works alongside businesses to help them reboot, develop and operate successfully and profitably.

Sharp & Taylored is a Thought Partnership

Born out of a working relationship that spans 25 years of qualitative research and planning experience, this partnership is able to offer something increasingly rare: really good, actionable research and strategic thinking, really quickly.


We manage and run bespoke research processes including creative development, concept crafting, consumer immersion, innovations and brand health projects in the UK and around the world.

We have huge experience in on- and off-line consumer and client connection.

The Consortium was formalised in 2014, and is a collective of senior industry professionals and bright young entrepreneurs.logo4

The Consortium was set up to offer clients and agencies the benefits of senior commitment and involvement on their business, and access to some extraordinary creative and commercial minds, without having to get bogged down by large corporate constraints.

Judy Taylor is the co-founder, and there are over 40 members worldwide, from a number of different industries and disciplines, including the arts, science, medicine, technology, media and film, advertising and academia.